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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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Industry-focused Talent Strategy and HR Consulting for Healthcare and Pharma companies

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On-site Engineering and Technical resources deployment for sectors, including Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, Mining and Metals and more

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Under First Meridian Professional Services, permanent staff for the client is recruited. First Meridian Professional mainly serve clients in the IT/ITES and BFSI sectors for our permanent recruitment services. By leveraging our trusted brand, industry knowledge and expertise, we help our clients access the people they need on a timely basis. Our permanent recruitment business serves our clients well, particularly because most of our clients have temporary as well as permanent staffing requirements and we can cater to both needs.

Philippe Read provides enterprise-based, project-based and hybrid RPO solutions to clients across different industries in order to help them optimize their business operations. Our enterprise based RPO solutions deploy talent experts to clients. Our project based RPO solutions deploy talent experts to clients for short-term sourcing needs that are complex and voluminous. Our hybrid RPO solutions cover a range of end-to-end outsourcing of permanent recruitment and contracting processes, ranging from sourcing, selection, onboarding, attendance, payroll and compliance.

Cornucopia V5 provides pharmaceutical and healthcare staffing services These services help pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations develop talent strategies and workforce automation solutions. In particular, we seek to fulfil the growing demand for talent in the project management, sales, product development, research and development, legal and regulatory departments of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

To know more, visit www.v5global.com/v5-global-cornucopia

Under Edison brand, Engineering and Technical Staffing solutions are offered. We provide a range of business services for engineering and technical staffing services. We assist engineering companies in recruiting candidates for engineering roles across multiple sectors, including oil and gas, power and energy, and mining and metals.

To know more, visit www.edisonengg.com

Under Meryll Smith brand,  finance, accounting and legal staffing solutions is provided. A range of recruitment solutions to assist companies in recruiting candidates for finance, accounting and legal roles across multiple business segments, including corporate finance, ledgers and bookkeeping, credit control, payroll and tax, audit and advisory, recovery and restructure, interim management and secretarial is offered.

Our facility management services are primarily provided under Innovsource Facilities Private Limited. We offer a range of customized and cost-effective solutions to commercial, residential, and institutional facilities. The facility management services  provide include: (i) soft services, such as housekeeping, mailroom management, landscaping, indoor floral arrangement, pantry management and deep cleaning; (ii) technical services, such as technical operation and maintenance services, minor civil work, water and drainage management, environment, health and safety audit and electrical and security audit; (iii) supports services, such as helpdesk.

To know more, visit www.innov.in/facility-management/